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Botanist Dr Paul Kilburn and Geologist and School of Mines Professor Greg Holden led a field trip to examine the native biology and man's mining activities atop this lava-capped mountain, rising 1000' above the plains. We explored this natural history gem at the height of the spring flowering season and visited the various grassland and shrub communities atop the mountain.  We saw stands of mountain mahogany, snowberry, skunkbush, chokecherry as well as the abundant spring flowers of the foothills. Professor Holden pointed out sandstone layers beneath the three lava flows forming the hard cap of North and South Table Mountains. Some hikers were surprised to find a lush ravine leading south down towards Clear Creek. Old mining operations include a deep rock-hewn chute where quarried rocks poured out through a hole at the bottom. The operator's son was killed there trying to loosen a jammed rock. The Table Mountains Conservation Fund would like to thank those who made this trip possible.

Several participants kept a log of the things they encountered while on the mountain top:

The Table Mountains Conservation Fund would like to thank to the people and organizations that made this event possible:

The last guided trip led by Dr. Kilburn was in the Spring of 1998. Click here for some photos.