June 7th 2003 Guided Mountain Hike

Despite a rainy start and some initial mud at the bottom of the trail the hike was a lot of fun. This year's hike ascended the southeast slopes of North Table from Tony Grampsas Park. The hike was guided with the able help of Paul Kilburn, Warren Keammerer, Anne Bonnell, and Pete Modreski. The group numbered 24 and we all enjoyed identifying grasses, flowers, insects, and birds on our walk to the top of the mesa. Once on top we were treated with views of a waterfall and enjoyed lunch while watching the water drop over the edge of the rimrock and listening to a talk on the geology of the table mountains presented by Pete Modreski. Thanks to all who participated in making this a fun and educational experience on North Table Mountain!
--Jane Sikoryak

This was the 3rd sponsored hike by TMCF - Click here for details on the previous hikes