September 15, 2001 South Table Mountain Lubahn Trail Repair

The Lubahn Trail was acquired by Jefferson County Open Space and the City of Golden in 2000, and deeded to the City. The existing trail was built in the mid 1960's by Professor George Lubahn, a Colorado School of Mines geology professor. It had fallen into disrepair, especially by users who felt the need to cut across the numerous switchbacks. (Please don't do this! It causes severe erosion and degradation of the trail.) Susan Rhea coordinated trail repair and new construction to connect the Lubahn section with a social trail that had developed to the east, thus making a loop trail entirely on City of Golden Open Space lands. (There are markers on the trail that let you know when you are leaving public property.) A bench and a location indicator were also installed  at the top of the trail below the cliffs where you can stop and enjoy your climb and the view. Photos of our work day were taken by David Carver. (Scroll down to view photos.) Click here for driving directions.

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There will be another work day next spring to re-route the social trail to a more user-friendly grade. Please join us. Click here for details  Send us an Email with your address to The Table Mountains Conservation Fund and ask to be included on the list for trail notices. THANK YOU in advance.

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