The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is a United States Department of Energy Research facility on the top and south side of South Table Mountain. NREL, Jefferson County and the State of Colorado have signed a tri-party agreement that will protect and preserve some 178 acres of undeveloped federally-owned land on South Table Mountain. This conservation easement includes a system of public trails that connect with Jefferson County Open Space land. As part of the overall property transaction, the State of Colorado transferred 37 acres of Camp George West (a State of Colorado National Guard base) to Jefferson County, primarily for future Open Space, park or recreation purposes. The transaction also included DOE acquiring 25 acres of Camp George West for future expansion of NREL facilities. The agreement is an example of intergovernmental cooperation and a model of how the federal government can help local communities preserve undeveloped and scenic properties as open space.

If you have questions about the transaction involving DOE, the State of Colorado or Jefferson County, please call Chris Powers at the DOE Golden Field Office at 303-275-4742 or send him an email at

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