1. The checklist is not to be sold. It is strictly for free distribution.
  2. Copies of the paper edition (which will be far easier to use in the field) are available from (1) the Golden Visitors' Bureau, 1010 Washington Avenue, and (2) from Golden Parks & Recreation (call Kim Luchetta to find out the Department's plans for making copies available; phone is 303-384-8127).
  3. Copies of the paper edition from these two sources are complimentary. Please do not take more than one per person, and please use it only for personal or educational purposes.
  4. If you need substantial numbers of the paper edition for some group purpose, please contact Mike Foster, who can arrange for you to get as many copies as you want for just the cost of paper and printing.
  5. In picking up copies of the paper edition, or in downloading the checklist from the website, please respect the "fair use practice," which means don't take (or download) more than one copy for your own personal use, don't make any commercial use of it, and don't alter or edit the form, format, or contents in any way.
  6. Mike Foster retains all rights to the checklist, including the rights to alter, edit, and redistribute it at some future time.