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The Table Mountains Conservation Fund is a state-registered non-profit 501(C)(3) organization founded by the citizens of Golden, Colorado, and surrounding communities to preserve and protect the mesas and sides of North and South Table Mountain. The organization's objective is to educate the public about the value of North and South Table Mountain and to support their preservation as natural and historic treasures.

The table mountains have been designated as high priorities for open space acquisition by Jefferson County for over 30 years. There are approximately 3825 acres of potential open space with current acquisition directed toward the remaining private ownership of 400 acres on South Table Mountain. North Table Mountain is virtually all open space. The table mountains are ideal for preserving as they contain seasonal wetlands, significant geological and paleontological sites, and bird habitats. Both mountains serve as part of an undeveloped buffer zone between the rapidly growing Denver metropolitan area and the Rocky Mountains.

The Table Mountains Conservation Fund, Inc. seeks strategic partnerships with private conservation, and environmental groups and sponsors educational events for the community.

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