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Supporting the acquisition and preservation of  
North and South Table Mountains  




The Mission of the Table Mountains Conservation Fund is the acquisition and preservation of North and South Table Mountains as Open Space. The goal is to secure funding to aid the Jefferson County Open Space program in the purchase of North and South Table Mountains and to support their preservation as natural and historic treasures.

For generations, first for Native Americans and then for settlers as far back as the 1860s, The Table Mountains have been sentinels at the entrance to the Rocky Mountains. Their dramatic lava cliffs and sweeping grasslands have provided a stunning backdrop for the city of Golden in its 135 years, and today preserve islands of natural beauty and solitude in a rapidly developing urban landscape. They provide habitat for numerous species of plants and wildlife in their seasonal ponds and a flowing stream with four ecological zones including forested ravines. These precious natural areas are facing serious threats. As of January 1, 2008, approximately 90% of this land is currently held as open space. In 1998 there was a proposal for a corporate center on South Table Mountain. Thankfully, through citizen action and community outcry, that threat passed, but it has not halted the discussion of other development plans.

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The Objectives:

  • To spotlight the importance of North and South Table Mountains as Open Space
  • To enable individuals, families, community groups, and local businesses to provide tax-deductible financial assistance in the acquisition of the Table Mountains
  • To foster a vision of the Table Mountains as neighboring Open Space that will preserve the quality of community life for current and future generations
  • To support sustainable uses which do not destroy the physical and aesthetic features of the Table Mountains
  • To enhance local community economic values with the Table Mountains as Open Space
  • To nurture a physical environment for the Table Mountains that will continue as habitat for wide varieties of flora and fauna





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